Access control allows you to restrict access to your premises and infrastructure based on area, time and level of authorisation. Systems can be fully integrated for the ultimate in security and safety benefits.

Whether your business needs to restrict access to its premises and infrastructure due to health and safety, security or operational requirements, access control systems allow you to control whoenters your premises, at designated times and for a specific purpose. When integrated with video surveillance systems, visitor management, ID badges, parking gate control and building control systems, access control technology offers the ultimate in security and safety outcomes.

Protect your people and property, improve operational efficiency

With more than 15 years’ experience installing and managing security technologies CFS Fire and Security is the trusted expert for access control systems in Galway and Mayo. Quality access control technology protects people and infrastructure, streamlines operations and improves productivity while being very cost effective and easy to use. We support a range of our customers’ facilities with installation and maintenanceservices for offices and retail premises through to factories, healthcare and government buildings.

As a certified partner of Salto Systems, one of the world’s top manufacturers of electronic access control technology, we have the expertise and world leading technology to provide you with the optimum access control solution.

Benefits of an access system

  • Restricts access to authorised persons
  • Reduces need for costly private security
  • Controlsstaff entry and exit times
  • Registers staff start and finish times
  • Limits access to hazard areas
  • Will integrate with all security systems

Customised access control systems in Galway and Mayo

CFS Fire and Security works closely with customers to understand their challenges and design a system that is tailored to meet their needs. Access control can be customised to segment areas, allow access for groups, restrict entry according to time, control entry based on user level of authorisation and measure the number of people or cars passing through an area on a daily basis. Systems can also be fitted to your existing doors giving you flexibility to restrict access where you need it.

Types of access control

Pedestrian access control

Pedestrian access control allows you to control and record people entering and exiting a building, space or room, restricting unauthorised people and allowing access to people that are approved by management.

Vehicle access control

CFS Fire and Security provides solutions that offer full control of resident vehicles, visitors and staff entering and exiting a site. We supply and install a complete range of electromechanical systems including barriers, turnstiles and readers and can design a fully integrated system that delivers optimum security coupled with streamlined traffic and parking management.

Staff access control

Access control systems are ideal for monitoring employee arrivals and departures. On average, late arrivals and early departures cost organisations more than eight hours per month for each employee. Access control helps businesses to curb this loss byidentifying shortfalls in attendance and taking steps to address and improve productivity.

Electric Gates

Automated gates provide the first line of defence for security at home and in business.Electric gates with integrated access control systems offer streamlined security for homeowners, apartment building residents and organisations seeking to control access to their site and infrastructure. CFS Fire and Security offers a range of access control technology for automated gate systems including coded keypads, proximity cards, ground detection devices, key remotes and intercom systems. Electric gate access control can also be integrated with CCTV for surveillance and identification purposes.