Alarm systems provide a deterrent to burglars and when monitored can alert you of incidents and indicate whether emergency services are needed. Choose from the latest alarm technology in wired, wireless and hybrid systems.

Burglar Alarms for your home and business.

Crime rates might be increasing but there are steps you can take to protect your property and family from intruders and moderate the rising cost of insurance. Alarm systems not only provide a deterrent to burglars but monitored alarms can detect incidents and indicate whether emergency services are needed.
Alarm systems comprise three elements: sensors, a control panel and warning signage. Sensors are installed at critical points throughout your home or business and can detect changes to the environment such as a person moving or doors or windows opening. When a sensor detects change it sends a message to the central alarm to activate and sound the siren. In monitored burglar alarms a message is also sent to the alarm owner or designated contact. Certain intruder alarm models include motion recording which can beviewed from a mobile phone, PC or tablet. Panic buttons can also be connected to the burglar alarm and give peace of mind to vulnerable people or people living alone.

Why install a burglar alarm?

• Ward off intruders
• Deters Crime
• Protects Valuables
• Monitoring available
• Integrated panic buttons
• Lower insurance
• Internet and smart phone access

Which burglar alarm should I choose?

CFS Fire and Security offers a range of quality burglar alarms. With over 15 years’ experience in the installation and maintenance of burglar alarms in Galway and Mayo we are trusted to recommend the alarm solution for homes and businesses that is right for your needs and budgets. Depending on the requirements for your home or business, you can choose from perimeter protection or motion sensors, options including heat and smoke detectors, and systems with or without cabling – or a mixture of both for the ultimate in flexibility and reliability.

Wired Burglar Alarm

Wired burglar alarm systems are known for their reliability and low interference. Wired alarm systems operate with cables and it is recommended only qualified and approved installers such as CFS Fire and Security install your cabled system. While these systems require cabling, they remain highly flexible and rarely pose installation challenges. If your premises has already been prewired for an alarm system, a wired system is an ideal choice, offering maximum reliability and ease of installation.

Wireless Burglar Alarm

Due to the absence of cabling, wireless burglar alarms are very easy to install and can often be fixed in places that wired alarm systems cannot. If your premises has not been prewired for an alarm system or you want to avoid damage to your property from drilling, a wireless intruder alarm system may be your preferred choice. The individual sensors in a wireless system communicate with the central control panel wirelessly using radio technology. Then, as if it were a mobile phone, the control panel communicates alerts with a nominated person or security monitoring company.The wireless alarm system is particularly useful for homeowners that do not have a telephone line in their home because the wireless system does not rely on a landline to communicate outside the premises. Wireless alarm systems offer the added benefit of the potential for portability, meaning if you change premises you have the opportunity to disconnect your system and install it at your new location.

Hybrid Burglar Alarm

Hybrid systems offer customers the best of both worlds, combining the optimum reliability of a wired system with the flexibility of a wireless alarm system. The hybrid security alarm system’s control unit offers separate channels, or “zones”, for intruders and fires, and top-of-the-range hybrid alarm systemsfeature a separate zone for each sensor and internal “trouble” indicators. A hybrid alarm system is ideal for larger commercial facilities including factories and offices where larger areas and longer distances apply and flexibility of installation is required.

Alarm Monitoring

CFS Fire and Security offers a trusted and responsive 24 hour monitoring service to provide you with comprehensive security and defence.With a monitored alarm oursecurity teammaintains a constant watch over your property and is poised to react should your alarm sound indicating a fire, break-in, robbery or other emergency. 24 hour alarm monitoring also provides peace of mind to vulnerable people who may rely on a duress alarm should they find themselves in difficulty. When integrated with CCTV, events such as a fire can be recorded to help emergency services understand the nature of the emergency and respond accordingly. Alarm monitoring helps to protect your property, lower your insurance and can even save your life.