CCTV offers 24 hour recording and monitoring of your property and is vital for verifying events such as break-ins, fire and technical issues. Access via your PC, smartphone or tablet any time of the day or night.

CCTV monitoring 24/7– access with your PC, smartphone or tablet


Monitoring and recording footage at your property has never been so easy. Thanks to advances in technology, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has improved significantly in clarity and definition with Full HD megapixel quality. Imagery is now much clear and sharper, providing greater detail for understanding and analysing incidents such as break-ins and fire.
Full HD Megapixel CCTV uses your existing coax cable (used for older analogue CCTV systems) meaning you won’t have to re-cable the entire premises to benefit from Full HD.

CCTV has also become much easier to access remotely via PCs, smartphones and tablets, allowing users to view their CCTV footage on-the-go, 24 hours a day.

Benfits of CCTV:

• Monitor your property remotely
• Deter unlawful activity
• Reduce shrinkage and theft
• Digitally record incidents
• Retrieve and playback incidents
• Improve management control

Intrusions and break-in: CCTV will record the time the intrusion was detected.

Fire: Video surveillance can verify the presence of a fire.

Technical alarm: CCTV cameras can confirm the presence of a technical problem.

CCTV can also be useful in managing access to your property when integrated with an electric gate system. Learn more about electric gates and access control here. Recording and analysis is a key feature of CCTV systems that providesgraphic evidence and details of an event including the place, date and time of the incident. Users can also program their DVR to record at intervals, saving time and disk space.
Real time CCTV monitoring when connected to a monitor and viewed publicly can be an effective deterrent for vandalism, shoplifting, unauthorised entry and other unlawful activity.The system can also be linked to control visitor access, and can be set up to allow users to view one or more zones from a single point.

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